Stunning at Stahlwerk, Pumped for Paris!

Last night several nuts posted in Dusseldorf for the first official show of the European tour!

Tonight (very soon) the Parisian nuts take their turn! Original images will be posting from both shows as soon as processed, and we’ll be prepping for the Belgium, Luxembourg and Warsaw shows later this week!

(image below: Tim Shiel, left by nut Elke)








Check out a vid of one of our fave Gotye tunes from Dusseldorf!

And some fresh images from the show!


Germany Here We Come!

The German Nuts are ready for their show! So soon! We’ll have good things to share from the venues!

In recent news, Wally made the rounds for interviews in Belgium while playing an intimate club set. Check it out, even if you can’t understand the Flemish speech, you gotta’ admit it’s always fun to watch!

Wally on Cafe Corsari Belgium

While in the states, Wally hung out with fans from a radio station contest at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Check out a fun narrative on the day!

The ubiquitous “Somebody” single has become a cultural revolution spanning even into a new (albeit facetious) language! Check out Urban Dictionary’s creation of a new Gotye verb! 

If you’re still fascinated by Wally’sampling and musical composition process, check out this great and comical interview from the LBD days, where Wally walks us through recording, clipping, looping and of course mattresses. This one is a Nut House all-time fave! Enjoy!

Part I:

<p><a href=”″>AudioTechnology Magazine presents Gotye Part 1</a> from <a href=””>AudioTechnology</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Part II:

<p><a href=”″>AudioTechnology Magazine presents Gotye Part 2</a> from <a href=””>AudioTechnology</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The Boys Rock Brussels & Euro Nuts Get Ready!

Just yesterday Wally and the team hit an intimate venue-Club 69-for the Studio Brussels Gotye mini-set in his homeland! Check out some awesome images from the show:

Gotye at Club 69

And check out the Studio Brussels interview with Wally. Big thanks to someone awesome who emailed this to us from Belgium!

Wanna’ see a glimpse at the gear it takes to make a Gotye show? Check out this awesome image via Instagram user Hakimm! Wow-cheers to the stage crews for all their labors!

We bet you’re well aware how versatile Wally’s talent happens to be, but if you haven’t seen this one yet, it’s a great glimpse into just how musically diverse he is, covering Paul Simon in fine form! Wally…you’re a champ!

Our Euro-Nuts are getting psyched! Just a day away for the first German show!
Back soon! Cheers!

Daily Dose

Before another Back o Basics Sunda, shall we look back at an interview from 2011 and some awesome images from the North American shows? It’s the weekend-why not?!

VH1 Interviews Gotye in 2011

If you’re looking to reflect on the ongoing listener/fan experience, check out the recently published narrative by our founder, or check out the over 100 previous writings on the site!

Carry On (26 October 2012)

Weekends also warrant more visuals, right? Enjoy! Catch us on Twitter tomorrow for #BacktoBasicsSunday!



Geeking Out with Gotye

London was abuzz at the annual Wired conference yesterday, where Wally dropped by to talk shop. Check out a quickie interview with the man!

The People’s Choice Awards have tossed 4 nominations to Wally! But what about the fans? If you dig our stuff, we’d love a write-in nomination for The Wall-Nuts (or any of your fave fan groups for that matter!) Vote here! It’s super-fast! If you do-Thank YOU! Even if we totally missed out-the show of support of fellow fans is sooo appreciated and helps us keep up the fun!

For a full report of Wally going Wired, check out this link!

And hey-it’s Friday at Nuts HQ! Let’s celebrate with some more lovely action shots! Euro shows just days away!

Wally Gets Wired

Wow-today has been a busy one! Wally hit London for Wired 2012 to talk about how “Somebody” turned into an ‘internet-owned’ musical and anthropological experiment!  Check out the article about his visit posted right after he presented at the conference:

Gotye on the mutative power of the internet at WIRED 2012 (today!)

Check out some images from the lecture via twitter and beyond:

Rockin’ NSC with The Basics & German Nuts Get Psyched!

Recently folks gathered at the Northcote Social Club for The Basics’ album launch gig! Although Wally Basic could not be there in the flesh, he made a fun appearance via streaming video feed. Talk about creative time-travel!

Our German Wall-Nuts are prepping for their shows coming up in less than a week! Nut Stephanie has her shirt ready to sport and Nutmin Verena shared her pics from early 2012 when Wally last came by her neck of the woods! First show of the Euro leg is so close!

Wally will be chatting in London at the Wired Conference today. Check him out arriving! (below)

Cheers for today-there will be more soon!