More From The ‘Red Carpet’

There’s many more fun and fab images and updates from this week’s super-success at the ARIA awards for Wally! From the red carpet to the center stage and beyond, check out more of the humble yet brilliant Gotye glory! What a wonder!

Gotye Grabs the Album of the Year care of a typically tarty host! (Video!!)


Wally Wins ‘Em All!

Not to our shock (or yours either), Wally swept his four ARIA nominations last night, including the coveted Album of the Year! Check out some of the flood of goodies that came down the pipeline just hours ago! Our stateside Nutmins woke early in the morning to keep up with the news! Cheers to them!

Hilarious Getty images of Wally screwin’ around with his awards (previews below)

Wally at the ARIA center stage accepting his accolades

Wally didn’t think it would be a winning night for him-such a humble fellow as usual. “Pinch yourself moments” for Gotye.

Wally and the gentlemen of the road win Best Live Act (image)

Check out a whole clutch of images from the evening!

We’re thrilled, exhausted and ready to go back to bed! Another HUGE congrats to Wally and the boys of the Gotye stage show, and of course all his supporters! Cheers for now fellow nuts!


ARIA’s Abound!

It’s ARIA day in Oz and in just about 12 hours the show begins, with our fingers crossed for Wally to sweep ’em tonight! Let’s take a look back on some misty memories of last year’s accolades for the man we call Gotye:

We’ll be back tomorrow with reports, although we bet if you’re as nutty as us you’ll already know the news!

Cheers for now!

Awards Week

This week Wally goes up for yet another round of ARIA awards, and we wager he’ll sweep ’em! Of course we are a tad biased that way.

His noms this year include best male artist, best pop, best live artist and the coveted album of the year! Go Gotye!

There was some revelry in Dubai after the show, specifically a rollicking (and possibly just a bit frightening club after-party.) Not sure what his face is telling us in the pic….agony or elation? Hmmm (image below)

While we await the ARIA news, let’s enjoy some early holiday laughs with an older interview and some images from earlier this year at the ARIA podium once more!

Cheers for now!

Homeward Bound

Yesterday the guys played Dubai and a couple of our own team were on hand! Now, months of touring reach the final leg as the guys return to Oz for the final few shows of the 2012 tour! What an amazing time it has been!

There’s not a lot of news on the wire right now, but check out a recent article from Keyboard Mag!

During the tour the occasional pic from the inside came along. As we await the final shows of the tour as well as next week’s ARIA awards, let’s look back on some of the silliest, most candid moments with the guys!

We’ll be celebrating another #BacktoBasicsSunday on Twitter soon, come check it out!

Cheers for now and let’s enjoy some break-time while the boys head home!


Almost Home

Tonight it’s Denmark then Dubai later this week, and back home to Oz for the guys!

Let’s hear it for the German nuts who took some amazing pics and vids from the Berlin show! Check it out! Thanks nuts Stephanie & Rosana! Below is an awesome vid capturing the moment when the team snaps their traditional “great job” end of show pic (and see resulting image below!)

Tomorrow is Turkey Day for the stateside nuts, so they shall be toasting the champagne to Wally and the gang!

Back soon! Cheers!

Winding Down Europe

We’re getting to the end of the European tour leg, this week we’ll be posted in Dubai and then it’s back home to Oz for the crew and the final shows of 2012. What an awesome few months it has been for all of us!

When Wally landed in London a couple weeks back, he had a chat with the crowd at the WIRED 2012 conference. Check out his full (albeit short) presentation

<p><a href=”″>Gotye: Full talk from Wired 2012</a> from <a href=””></a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

And hey, more chatter from the Wall-rus here-a recent radio interview: Wally talks with Sparky on Radio 2

The lovely Fractured Heart installation that adorned the 2011 ARIA performance of “Somebody” has made it’s final travels, check out where it resides now, almost a year after it first debuted!

Fractured Heart: From Gotye to Canberra
We’re awaiting updates from the nuts on hand at yesterday’s Berlin show, we’ll have posts soon! Here’s some fresh pics from the set.

Next it’s off to finish the week in Dubai and get ready for the ARIA’s!

Cheers for now!