Happy New Year Nuts!!

2012 was one amazing year! Come visit us on Twitter (@thewallnuts) and catch all the lovely New Years wishes being shared as the clock turns for folks across the globe!

As we all ring in 2013 in hopes of yet more success for Wally and his collaborators, lets take a look at some of the awesome favorite original images taken by nuts during the 2012 tour dates, and some of the additional Social Action Projects that were recently donated by nuts to local charities!

We’ll be back on Wednesday with more! Happy New Year to you all!


Friday Flashbacks on an Amazing Year

2012 has been mad wonderment for Wally’s career! Let’s look back on some more reflections on a record and album that defined Gotye in new ways!

Talking video-making process of “Somebody”

Gotye earns German accolades (in German-great images to be enjoyed by all-preview below!)

Image preview from German article gallery Credit: D. Pluess

Image preview from German article gallery Credit: D. Pluess

Sample Hero Gets Personal

He's grrrrreat

He’s grrrrreat

We’ll be back again soon as we wind-down a banner year for our favorite boy!

Cheerio for today!


We’re Back!

We’re back from the holiday break! Hope yours has been lovely so far!

Nut photographer Audra and co-founder Cris were posted in NYC last week to see our friend Jess McAvoy playing at The Bitter End. Check out Audra’s images and report of the show!

We just wrapped our interview with Peter Lowey last week (see left home menu) and today we’ve published our interview with Jonti! Check it out at the home menu or quick-link to it here!


We’ll be back again soon with more Gotye news, views, aaahs and oooohs! We’ll leave you for today with a few images of just some of our nutty Christmases!

Cheers for now and keep chipping away at those Chrissy dinner leftovers!





Break-Time Here We Come!

It’s that time of the year for festivities of all kinds, and a little more time spent with family and friends. The nuts will be on holiday for the next week, so here’s a boat-load of goodies to keep you busy while we imbibe copious amounts of hot beverages and festive treats in honor of the season. We’ll be back with more on 12/27 so our time away will be brief!

RadioWave votes Gotye for record of the year

Grammy prognostications for alt album of the year

Gotye shares fan art via flickr (lots of nut works here amongst other brilliant pieces!)

Gotye and MIDI master Tim Shiel talk Ableton

Awesome Riverstage images

Alain Bouvier images from Syndey show

Don’t forget to check out our recent interview with Save Me vid animator-extraordinaire Peter Lowey!

Also, our intransigent and generally un-festive mascot Wallffles the Irascible Kookaburra decided to attempt some manner of greeting in honor of the holidays. Enjoy his humorous and vexatious attempt at merriment!


Finally, have an utterly state of the art  Chrissy/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Solstice/etc.!

Cheers to you and yours from the nuts!


Feelin’ ‘Bettah’

Catch a chat with Wally on his work with the Thin Green Line Foundation, where he talks about the balance of fame and social responsibilityhow refreshing! (link below)

Today we’ve published our third interview; with the talented Peter Lowey, animator and visionary of the Save Me music video! Check it out here on the menu at left or direct link to it here

Gotye ignoring the “Bono Effect”

Wally also checked out some toys in Sydney via Fairlight Instruments.  Perhaps we’ll see that electro-dense album some of us are drooling over the thought of…….

We’ll be back again soon with more news, views and Gotye goodies. Cheerio for today!

Have an encore!


Gotye meets the glorious and somewhat quaint CMI-30A. Image credit: Fairlight Instruments FB (link above)


Reviews are In

Some cool reviews of the last Gotye show for the massive 2012 world tour have posted recently, and the nuts have been busy too! We continue our Toasty Nuts social action project with local donations of cozy Gotye-inspired goodies to shelters and need-based agencies across our nutty globe! Check out nut April and Nutmin Cyndi making the season bright! And our in-house nut photog-extraordinaire Audra has graced us with the updated edits from her shows during the Us tour!

Back soon! Cheers!

Audra May Photography: Looking back (amazing pics!)

The Age: Gotye in Sydney

AU Review: Gotye and Bertie (great pics!)


One Hell of a Ride!

Wow-2012 tour is over! Sydney had their magical fun last night with Wally, crew and just slightly comical special guest Bertie Blackman, seen creeping about backstage in her STIUTK costume. Gotta’ keep it interesting when a tour ends, right?!


Bertie sports the footie-look and Wally donned some vaguely feline ears for their rendition of “Somebody”


Check out some recent chats with Wally, as he reflects on a massive year of unexpected album success and the challenges and expectations it brings, including how he would revision Making Mirrors in retrospect!

Here’s an great article for more looking back on 2012 with Wally: Gotye on Gotye

The nuts are continuing our Toasty Nuts Social Action Project #2, with nut Mary and Mum Nut Paige sharing their donations! Tis the season to be givinanlovin’!

Back soon with more goodies-but as we know, the 2012 tour is over, so we’ll be searching the lines for tidbits while we all let Wally and company have a well-earned rest!


Mary shows a local assistance agency that something warm can make you feel bettah!


Mum Nut gathers lots of warmth to give too!