Amazing Fans!

Wally continues to prove that talent begets talent as more Gotye fan friends come forth and share their work! Check out our permanent <—–home menu sections (Talented Nuts & Inspiring the Next Somebody) regularly as new work will be added! Our most recently noted pieces from just the last couple days have been by Nicolien and Nadia:

Nicolien (Cataclysm X) is a skilled sketch-artist who brings faces to amazing life! She shared her beautiful Gotye DaVinci-style sketch with us and joined us as one of our “Talented Nuts!” Visit the page for more!

A beautiful work in progress. C. N. Beerens/Cataclysm X

A beautiful work in progress. C. N. Beerens/Cataclysm X

Fellow fan Nadia shared with us this lovely little montage vid with truly some of the best and most comedic Gotye moments of  recent recollection:

Nutty cheers to them both!

If you’re a Gotye nut and inspired by his music or career to create your own artistic response, we’d love to share in your work! If you’re a musician or visual artist there’s spaces in the “nuthouse” made just for you! We’d love to welcome you! Email us at or tweet us!

Cheerio for now nuts!

(Nicolien’s work is also now highlighted on our Talented Nuts page! )


Vintage Gotye

We love a little nostalgia from time-to-time, so here’s a collection of classic Wally-gems from bygone years. “One hit wonder”…….yeah…sure.

We’ll be hearing from a couple of our upcoming interviewees soon, so check back for updates! Giggles & cheers!

(thanks to Wall-nuts incl. Stephanie for finding these & credits/sources)

Wally Booster

Noticing the sound of crickets lately? That’s down-time for Wally….or at least the closest thing he has since his recent run of interviews, appearances and radio spots!

During the post-tour, post-Grammy lull we’ll be adding more Gotye collab interviews. We’ll be adding Darcy Prendergast to the lineup! As part of the brilliance behind the Easy Way Out and Eyes Wide Open videos, Darcy and his production company Oh Yeah Wow have created a new music vid paradigm! We’ll be chatting with Darcy about his process and the experience of grueling film days with Gotye. To learn a little more about Darcy check out an interview with him from March 2012.

Darcy preps Wally for Easy Way Out

Darcy preps Wally for Easy Way Out

<——For previews of upcoming interviews and already published, see the left home menu. They’ll be here indefinitely!

Bet you’re hungry for a sweet drum solo? Us too. Lunch break!

Check out the beautiful and now favorite Gotye portrait by James Brickwood! It’s a winner! (preview below)

We’ll be back again soon!!

On The Horizon

We’ve been busy in the nuthouse! We’re thankful to announce several more upcoming Gotye collaborator interviews/Q&A’s! If you’re feeling a little thirst for something Wall-related in the coming weeks/months, check back often!

-We’ll be exploring the process of making the now ubiquitous video for “Somebody” with director Natasha Pincus!

Natasha, Wally, Kimbra and Emma Hack on set (c: Stark Raving prod.)

Natasha, Wally, Kimbra and Emma Hack on set (c: Stark Raving prod.)

-We will talk with another of the brilliant “Somebodies” stars-the amazing guitar virtuoso Mike Dawes!


Mike Dawes-brilliant and flippant!

Cybele Malinowski will share her story of several now famous photo shoots with the man beneath the paint!

One of many famed photos by Cybele Malinowski! C:

One of many famed photos by Cybele Malinowski! C:

As we work on these awesome upcoming talks, we’ll continue to keep updates on the Gotye goings-on regularly! Interviews will post on the left home menu (<—-) and remain a permanent fixture on this site for ongoing visits. We hope you’ve enjoyed the interviews so far! ~~~

Last night Wally and long-time musical mate Tim Shiel (Faux Pas) spent an evening with @3RRRFM 102.7 on Max Headroom talking about the history of vocal tech! Check it out:

Nerding-out ( in the best way) with Tim & Wally


Are you an up-and-coming musician inspired by Wally’s music? Please contact us ( for our next project: “Inspiring the Next Somebody!”

Tim Shiel as captured by Nut Audra Napolitano

Tim Shiel as captured by Nut Audra Napolitano

Tim and Wally, Nerd bros. Via Tumblr

Tim and Wally, Nerd bros. Via Tumblr

Chatting with Baz

After lots of work we are happy to release our interview with Barry Harrell, known by us as “The Somebodies Guy” before we talked to him, and now fondly known as Baz. This interview will be a permanent feature on this site (left menu) and Barry’s Youtube feed for all to enjoy (link below)

Thank you to Barry and Emily for their work, to Wally for supporting it and allowing the use of the audio track from Somebodies, and to the Wall-nuts members who shared their questions! We hope you enjoy hearing Baz’s story!

Please check out Baz’s Youtube channel and the awesome original video that sparked a  mashup sensation!

Cheers Gotye nuts!

Man of Many Talents

Wally sat down with ABC666 Canberra’s Alex Sloan recently-here’s the article and podcast!

Wally awash in the brilliant blues at the NFSA

Wally awash in the brilliant blues at the NFSA

And here’s a fun clip on the end of the Gotye world tour in India!

We’re just a couple days away from the Brit awards, where Wally is nominated for International Male Solo Artist! We’ll be cheering him on with you!

We’re suckers for those hidden demos and unreleased tracks that float about-often as a result of ‘tinkering’ with sound. Check out two of our fave Gotye secret gems!

Kinda’ crazy how brilliant this guy is, huh? He makes everything sound cooler.

As we near the release of our next Gotye Collaborator Interview, we also get closer to our first year on the grid and our next Gotye Goodie Giveaway! When we sneak-up on our first anniversary in April, we’ll post updates on the contest for fellow fans to win another bit a’ Wally swag! Keep on the look-see!

Back again later! Cheers!

Music in Social Action

There’s something magical about the unique power music has to bring people together and inspire almost exponential creation. Wally’s music alone carries that force, yet he continues to share even more of himself.

Check out some updates on his work with the National Film & Sound Archive:

Interactive Artwork Helps with Digital Deluge (video)

NFSA Connects with Gotye

NFSA posted a huge gallery of images from Wally’s visit here!

Recently a former exchange student host who housed the man they call Gotye reflected on her experience-check it out here

We just wrapped another #BacktoBasicsSunday and here’s a bit of a brow-raising recent interview with Kris and Tim Basic in reflection on their Basic bandmate’s Grammy success-Somebody that they ‘knew?’

Wally chatted with ABC666 Canberra just a short while ago! We heard the live stream, and are checking-in on a podcast to share with those of you who couldn’t catch it live. In the meantime, click the above link and the interview may already be updated to their archive for your auditory enjoyment! Or catch us on Twitter and we’ll tweet the link when it comes available.

C: D. Weinert via NFSA

C: D. Weinert via NFSA

Our co-founding Nutmins Cris and Paige have been on the blogging beat lately, check out their recent pieces!

Nuthouse photoshop pro Francesca gives Wally the dandy treatment! Thanks @Favfra! (original image-please do not copy)

Nuthouse photoshop pro Francesca gives Wally the dandy treatment! Thanks @Favfra! (original image-please do not copy)

Back again soon! Cheers!