Sharing the Wally-wealth

With great success comes great expectations, right? Perhaps the listening community expects an artist to be constantly at work, but to also be socially responsible and willing to share some of the industry experience with emerging artists? That’s a uniquely Gotye trait!

So what’s Wally giving back now?

He’s working with the musos of Louis Spoils on the track “Sleep At Night,” offering his percussive talents!

Spy some Gotye & co. action in this behind the scenes vid:

And read more about the Louis Spoils project, brainchild of Jake Rush.

He’s also back with Aardvark Worldwide, a lovely social justice organisation offering musical mentorship to youth with illness or disabilities.

Here he is talking about it in 2011:

He’s been championing the organisation for years, here he is in 2010 and 2011, offering more than just a signed guitar!

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The coveted Gotye/Basics prize pack that could be yours!

The coveted Gotye/Basics prize pack that could be yours!


What’s on the Radar?

Although the awards keep coming for Wally, years after the challenged completion of his iconic hit single, he’s focusing on the next sounds! Check out a little blurb about what Gotye has been creating with those extra “Somebody” dollars!

Wally has been nominated for yet another award-this time it’s the Helpmann, which acknowledges “distinguished artistic achievement and excellence in the many disciplines of Australia’s vibrant live performance sectors.” Check out more about his place in the potential winner’s pool!

Our ‘cracked nut’ research team found some more APRA images as well as some classic show shots for your early week enjoyment! Thanks to them all for these finds!

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More APRA Recap

There’s yet more chatter about yesterday’s APRA awards for Gotye and his fellow Oz musos. Check out the fresh talk and snapshots!

Noise11 recaps APRA wins

Who took APRA via The Music Network

Billboard recaps APRA

(images via APRA/

10 days to our next Gotye goodie giveaway on twitter! Hooroo!


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APRA Awards Get Gotye Yet Again

Last night Wally and his lovely gal Tash Parker graced the APRA Music Awards once more, this time passing the multiple honors he won last year to the next ilk of Aussie musos, including the award for Breakthrough Song of the Year! He also took yet another nod for most-played Aussie tune overseas! No surprises there!

Wally spoke about his current work in his recently renewed studio and plans to continue exploring the beginnings of his next album during the awards show.

Cheers to APRA, AU Review and Instagram users for their updates for those of us across the Gotye-lovin’ globe! Check out some highlights of Gotye’s night out with credits to the above sources for their sharing!

Loving Wally’s laid-back classic style? It’s on sale! Grab the Jack London Gotye button-up and rock your own red carpet!

We’ll be back again soon with updates, nuts and friends! Cheers for now!

What’s he up to lately?

Wally is working on that much-anticipated eventual fourth album, and collabing with fellow artists across the board. Recently he’s been on the job with Sydney producer and talent Elizabeth Rose. Read more about it here!

In just a few days the 2013 APRA awards drop! Last year Wally swept the ceremony with STIUTK, and this year he returns as a presenter! Check out more on his big night in 2012!

Want to know which tunes and flicks Wally thinks everyone should know of? Check out his comical and candid responses on “The Famous Elsewhere Questionnaire”

We’ll be back Sunday night/Monday for updates on APRA here and out Twitter feed. Cheerio for now!

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A Wealth from the “Wally Vault”

We love an especially good find from prior years, and occasionally one of our members comes across a cache of amazing Gotye treasures! Check out these fantastic show-shots from, found by one of our German nuts Stephanie!

Just a few short hours remain to bid on Gotye’s fave children’s book “Boy”-signed and all-to support Australia’s Monkey Baa youth theatre company! Catch it while you can!

We’ll be back with more soon, for now, how about we wrap-up with another congrats to Wally for that Triple J Radio nod for both Hearts a Mess and STIUTK as the #12 and #9 spots in the Hottest 100 of the last 20 years!!!

Wally’s pick for a top-of-20-years fave? One of ours, too! We feel ya’, cheers fellow Gotye nuts!



Tinker Time!

Wally is back at the Darnum Musical Village with pal and master producer/engineer Franc Titez. There’s bound to be awesome things afoot when those forces combine!

Franc, Wally and Darnum Musical Village staff

Franc, Wally and Darnum Musical Village staff

Thanks again to our fellow fans including new Twitter pals Gotye’Me for joining us for another fab #BacktoBasicsSunday with a lot of fresh enthusiasm after last week’s tour news (see last week’s updates for more!)

The coveted Gotye/Basics prize pack that could be yours!

The coveted Gotye/Basics prize pack that could be yours!

Looking forward to our next Gotye giveaway? On 28th June watch the tweets for your trivia question and chance to win the Basics/Gotye prize pack! It’s a vintage original from the Gotye inventory!

How about a look at some lovely Gotye concert shots by the talented Iris Edinger, found by nut Stephanie!

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