What a Trip!

The LA/US nuts gathering comes to a close today, and what an adventure it was! Next year it’s off to New Orleans, so stay with us as we plan ahead! There’s talk of other stateside and international gatherings on the radar for this year and beyond as well! If you’re a nut  and know others who would love to gather together, please contact us Nutmins for information and suggestions on how to organize it! We’re happy to help!

Come see the fun we had on Flickr!

Next-up we have a new official logo design contest in October, with a signed Gotye album to give to the winner! Stay tuned for details!

Many additional thanks to Nutmins Lisa and Danae, nuts Francesca, Juliette and Lorraine, The Gotye Mailman, and all supporting nuts and partners for their amazing work and contributions to the 2013 LA nut gathering!

Back again soon!


We’re off to LA & Beyond!

The US Nut Gathering in Los Angeles starts today, come join us at Twitter for updates!

If you’re a nut and know of other nuts who would love to join in your region for a gathering, email us for more info! thewallnuts@hotmail.com!

Wishing best to our nut Kim who will be hanging with the Basics this weekend!

Our official Nut Gathering logo C. J. S. 2013.  Copying/reproducing prohibited.

Our official Nut Gathering logo C. J. S. 2013. Copying/reproducing prohibited.




Basics Blasting-Off!

It’s a veritable Basics blizzard lately! Check out recent goings-on in the Basics tour adventures:

Quick Instagram vid of the boys giggin’ at the Republic Bar last night (another show on Saturday night too!)

Article: The band that ‘spawned’ Gotye

The  Basics hang out with ABC Northern Tasmania ahead of the Basics Hobart gigs at Republic Bar (video)

Check out some pics by ABC Northern Tasmania’s staffers Damien Brown & Emily Brian during the Basic invasion yesterday!

BUgKr0eCMAAjgL0Has your CD player been longing for some leftovers? The wait is over!

We’ll be back with more soon, including highlights from the US Nuts Gathering in LA next weekend! Stay tuned to Twitter for ongoing updates!

ABC North Tas journo Emily Bryan with Wally yesterday

ABC North Tas journo Emily Bryan with Wally yesterday




The US Nut Gathering

In just 10 days Los Angeles will get a little more nutty!
We’ll have lots of fun stories to tell from the Hollywood hills as multiple nuts join from across the states for four days of adventures and assorted mischief!

Our official Nut Gathering logo C. J. S. 2013. Copying/reproducing prohibited.

Our official Nut Gathering logo C. J. S. 2013. Copying/reproducing prohibited.

We will create a special page here for all the ‘madness’ and will post updates via Twitter! Feel free to send us a hello or perhaps a great restaurant you’d recommend in the area!

(this astoundingly awesome image is an original created by nut Juliette. Please do not copy or reproduce this image in respect to the artist. Thanks! )

Stephen chats with The Basics

Our fellow Gotye/Basics and all-around comical cohort Stephen Scott was so kind as to gather questions from nuts and other fans for an interview on the opening of The Basics Oz tour on 12 September. He’s busy toiling at the screen to bring us this fantastic chat with Tim, Kris and Wally Basic. Here’s an utterly fab and entirely funny preview of the upcoming interview:



Many deep thanks to Stephen Scott/Darth Ambiguous Prod. and The Basics for taking the time to respond to listener’s burning queries! We look forward to the final product! And thanks to nuts & fellow fans who provided the questions for the interview!




Basics Back Onstage!

The Basics have returned to the stage! Brisbane Festival hosted their triumphant return to touring, including their late show just an hour ago! Check out the first glimpses of the Basics blitz:

Article: Gotye gets Back to Basics

New Video: Tim Basic rocks the vocals

Congrats to our Basics Trivia giveaway winner Haylie! She dropped the correct answer on Twitter within mere minutes! Well done Haylie! Our next giveaway will be a signed copy of Mixed Blood! We’ll be back to Gotye trivia for that awesome giveaway in November!

We’ll be eagerly awaiting the Basics and Spender interviews by the fabulous Stephen Scott, who attended the Bris fest yesterday and collected the Basics questions from fans! Good on ya’ Stephen!

Stay tuned for more from the return of The Basics, with frequent updates on Twitter!

Chats and Contests

Hiya Nuts and mates!

We’re back with another Gotye collaborator interview, with the multi-talented muso Tommy Spender! Check it out!

Tommy and Wally C. Tommy Spender

Tommy and Wally C. Tommy Spender

We’ll be gearing-up for the triumphant tour-return of The Basics at the Brisbane Festival on 12 September! To celebrate, we’ll be having another giveaway, this time a full-on official Basics promo set from ‘back in the day.’ We’ll tweet a Basics trivia q and the first correct response will win! Watch twitter for clues about the trivia question and time of the contest!


A lovely official Basics promo kit can be all yours! Hooroo!

A lovely official Basics promo kit can be all yours! Hooroo!

Cheers for now Gotye nuts!