Goodie Giveaways

Hiya Nuts!

Congrats to James for taking the recent Gotye goodie giveaway, with a tough question that he hit spot-on!




James wins a signed Mixed Blood album and will go down in wall-nut history as one of the nuttiest of them all!


Our next giveaway will be during our 2-year shindigs in April, so stay tuned. Vote for whether you’d like to see a Basics promo pack or a vintage Gotye tour tee be the next item via twitter



Basics for the Win!

Wanna’ see The Basics in Triple J’s Hot 100? Make your voice heard! Wally has been a Hot 100 artist before, let’s have his Basic bothers get a nod or two!

Let’s Get The Basics into the Hot 100!

Congrats to wall-nut Kim for her lovely artwork making its way to the official Gotye fan-art Flickr page-check out her amazing array of works inspired by Hearts a Mess. Lovely work, Kim!

Check out The Basic Boys in their most recent gig!

We’ll be back with more soon, including details on our upcoming Gotye goodie giveaway! Stay tuned here and on le tweets!