We Nuts and colleagues The Gotyettes/Basicettes posted questions for The Basics during their Brisbane Festival gig. Thanks again to Stephen Scott/Darth Ambigous Productions for the amazing work! It’s a laugh-fest!




Join Us in Social Justice and Rock On!

The Basics are all about the scene lately! Check out their most recent sightings!

Check out this lovely portrait of Wally by J. Kingma, highlighted via the National Portrait Gallery:

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Looking to join us in our newest social action project? Let’s support the Asylum Seeker’s Resource Center “Food Justice Truck!”


Let’s do some good as we near our 2nd year!



Basics ‘get back’ to London

The Basics have made their triumphant return to Abbey Road Studios and London, some 5 years after their last stint for the recording of the lovely and heart-rending “Keep Your Friends Close” in 2009. Here’s some awesome updates on their adventures thus far, and of course stay with us on Twitter for more frequent goodies!

Back in 2009, for KYFC:

The present adventures commence!

Thanks to our photoshop pro @favfra for her recent interpretation of The Basics ‘on air in London’

C. 2014 F. F. (@favfra)

C. 2014 F. F. (@favfra)

Back again soon!

Wally in Space and Wall-Nuts on Instagram

In a seemingly prescient moment from his old, original website bio, Wally joked that perhaps his tunes would make it to the International Space Station’s Hot 30 countdown. As it happens, years later he shall indeed join the other “space junk” in orbit!

And hey…Wally’s been regarded highly by the UK as well! He’s still on a roll!

The nuts have ‘joined the fold’ on Instagram, we’re just rolling out, but we’d love to share some Gotye fan-ness with you all! Come join us!

March Madness continues…..little wonder image A took this bracket, it’s too muppety to miss!

Back again soon!

And the winner is...A!

And the winner is…A!

March Madness Returns!

We’re back at March Madness year #2! Here’s a glimpse at just some of the brackets as they’re lining up so far! Thanks to nut Lorraine and all those participating! Results will update we we move through the month! More frequent updates are on Twitter…as usual!

The 'classic' clean-cut stage Wally vs. recent Basics beardedness

The ‘classic’ clean-cut stage Wally vs. recent Basics beardedness

The Wally workout behind and in from of the drumkit

The Wally workout behind and in from of the drumkit

Wally Basic is an animal!

Wally Basic is an animal!