And who are the Wall-Nuts?

‘trade mark’….well….


Our recent birthday card to our fave boy, in the form of a less-than-simple puzzle. Fortunately Wally survived it with grace, as usual.

The Wall-nuts are a world-wide, multicultural community of fans for the strange and brilliant Wally De Backer, our favorite “Muppet from the neck uppet.”

Wally is the brains and hands of the now burgeoning Gotye name, which was given to him by his mother as French shorthand for his Flemish name Wouter. Wally can also be found migrating about as part of the 3-piece rock-and-roll ensemble The Basics.


Wally gets a little nutty with us from time to time. **This is an original image taken for the Nuts-please contact us before reproducing, copying or reusing in any manner

The “nut house” was established in early 2012 in the form of a single blog by a single fan in the states whose life had been delightfully interrupted by Gotye music ( One day, that lonely blog received one equally lonely yet lovely communication, and a culture began. Just over a year into our life as a community, the nuts have swelled in numbers on our FaceBook page ( and Twitter (@thewallnuts)

tweet, tweet, tweet

There have been challenges and blessings, and of course without the brave paths created by fellow fan communities, we would perhaps still be a few voices searching for greater sounds. We are both proud and humbled to be followed by Wally and his management on Twitter, along with some of his collaborators.  It has been an even greater joy to connect with our favorite musical magician directly, and to be one  of the spaces that represents his remarkable contributions. Perhaps the greatest joy of our journey thus far has been to come together under one common inspiration, discovering each other and ourselves as a result!

On this site we will share recent goings-on around the Gotye/Basics globe. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and our more conversational blog, and welcome to the nut house!

Enjoy our ‘unofficial’ theme song care of our ‘favorite boy’

W for “Wall-Nuts” in Warsaw 2012

The Warsaw nuts with Wally. This flag was signed and auctioned for charity.

Nuts Lorraine, Ryan, Paige, Alicia and Cheryl with two cosplayers backstage in 2012

Yes…go there……

The Grammy Trifecta 2013: best alt album, best pop duo, record of the year!

The Grammy Trifecta 2013: best alt album, best pop duo, record of the year!

Who is The “Wall-Rus?”~~~~~

C. Cybele Malinowski

Wouter “Wally” De Backer has been altering the musical atmosphere with his uniquely brilliant methodology of sampling, mixing and re-interpreting live instruments for over a decade. Hailing from Melbourne, (Victoria) Australia, he has released three albums under his now widely-recognized “Gotye” moniker, and several with his three-man rock band The Basics. His musical master works span far beyond his prestigious hit single “Somebody That I Used to Know,” through motown, funk, electronica, new wave and international musical stylings.


Check out Wally’s flippant and fun bio from his official website

“This is the bio bit

Where I tell you all about me and my music. With words so exacting, insightful and glorious that you will find yourself suddenly dancing about the den, your office cubicle or the local library at the mere suggestion of the impossible aural wonder on offer.

Could this be THE BEST THING you’ve ever discovered? Well, it certainly sounds like it when words like that are thrown around


There. I did it again.

Ah! I see you wiping away a tear, simply beholding the power of these extravagant words and phrases to express the totality of my music; its passion, its invention, its sheer life-altering brilliance.

Judging by what’s here on paper, you think, this could be the absolute vanguard of musical expression at this moment

And so you should. Just read those opening paragraphs again


Listen…just quietly. You haven’t actually listened to any of this music have y…NO!


This is a great day for (i) you, and (ii) cultural discovery.

C. Flickr

Everything you need to know is right here in my bio.

Further, plenty of things you thought you would never know are here as well (for instance, did you know that there is no whole-number square root of some prime numbers? Goodness me…I’m shaking a little. Might need a sherry)

Lastly, maybe leastly, but probably not- The End.

Um, oh dear. No. Can’t stop there. We’re on a roll. You’re excited. I’m excited…

Perhaps I will move onto a little biographical information yes?

(Since I’m writing this myself I shouldn’t use too many superlatives I suppose. That would be a bit suss. Mental note: words that are good- “good”…ummmm, maybe “great”. If called for)

Incidentally, I was just thinking- it miiiight have been better to pay someone else to do this- y’know, say nice things, draw dubious but impressive comparisons to great artists, generally concoct a lot of flim-flam for the cut-and-pasteables.

Anyway, About Me. Erm…Okay. Information!- 30, Belgium, music. And stuff


A history maybe? (and I’ll be [slightly] more serious for a moment here)-

A few years ago I made some music in my bedroom using mattresses and a 386. I called it an “album” (which was the style at the time), put a picture named Boardface on the front, and it went quite well. Some people even bought it on Compact Disc.

I bought a new jumper (with a bear on the front) with the proceeds and everything was quite good

Some years later I made some more music, this time using better mattresses and an Apple G4. I called this collection of songs Like Drawing Blood, because of an injury I suffered while licking an envelope. This record found more success than the one before, and then found more success even than that. Success kind of heaped on top of success, and then on top of itself, like a pyramid of genetically modified frogs. Overall, it was really all about success, this record. And lots of it (success, that is). So much success did I find, in fact, that I had to buy up some storage company’s warehouses in West Oakleigh just to kind of stockpile it all.


Yep, them’s were high-livin times. The success and whatnot. I bought another new jumper (this time with a wolf on it, which was the style at the time) and also a large gold tooth. I use this gold tooth to seal letters these days

And so, having found success in Australia, Oz music industry parlance dictates that I should now be poised to “conquer the world”.

But that all sounds a bit tediously colonial, doesn’t it. And perhaps reflective of Australia’s general obsession with measuring up to the rest of the West’s heightened level of self-importance

It also sounds a bit cruel. I mean, who wants to be attacked, enslaved and put to work in a rubber mill by a relatively unknown Australian alt-pop musician?

No-one, that’s right. And their grandmother

Perhaps I  could just “con the world”. Even for a little while, that would already be pretty massive.
Lots of media savvy and conniving necessary there I’ll bet.

But no, I think I’ll just continue to launch random and whimsical musical nuggets into the netosphere from the comfort of my secret studio lair, inside the belly of a dormant volcano, out back of Frankston shoppo.

There’s so much space junk out there these days- maybe one of my tunes will be lucky enough to find its way into the orbit of the International Space Station’s Hot 30 countdown. And I will laugh maniacally while tap-tap-tapping my fingers together


See more at!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Our Code of Ethics/Conduct~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pulled from our closed Facebook group

“Attention all Wall-Nuts,

As we grow and develop, as well as seek to work with other fan communities, it is our responsibility to act in a manner that reflects respect of ourselves, others and our subject of conversation, Wally De Backer (and associates.)

Wall-Nut members are welcome to identify themselves as such in correspondence via social media networks, however, we ask that if/when you do, you operate with the utmost care so as to represent not only yourself but your fellow nuts in a positive manner. We especially ask that all members take great care in contacting Gotye HQ or any directly related individuals. It is our desire to retain positive rapport with management and Wally himself. Please be considerate of that reality in any related communications you make outside of this closed group.

“Spicy Nut” (that which may contain some sexual innuendo) banter should come with a clear *Spicy Nut Alert* or “*SNA*” as a means of allowing members who need space to be aware and able to claim said space and feel safe from material they deem personally outside their comfort. Feel free to continue enjoying ‘spiciness’ responsibly. If you are not comfortable with said comments, please feel free to exercise your power to not engage with such moments. If you feel that any comments are especially offensive or problematic please contact the admins directly and do not post complaints on the wall.

As we progress we will likely add items of consideration to this document. Please be aware of it and integrate these considerations into your activities here and beyond.

Many Thanks,



The Wall-Nuts”


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