Gotye Inspiring the Next “Somebody”

Stay tuned for our developing  feature on new musicians who have been inspired by Gotye music and shifted their work in response! We know Wally works to mentor the emerging cohort of professional musos, and we’re excited to make space in the Nut House for some new sounds as well!

Wally and the emerging musicians at the Aardvark Sessions. C. The Age

Wally and the emerging musicians at the Aardvark Sessions. C. The Age

If you are a Gotye fan and also a musician, please contact us at to become part of this special project. We would love to hear your story and share your music and images!

All musicians highlighted here have offered to share their work with us directly. No items have been posted without written consent by the originators.


Amy Rose found herself renewed 'in the light' of Gotye music

Amy Rose found herself renewed ‘in the light’ of Gotye music

Amy Rose UriahNuts about Gotye & Her Guitar264141_224919810967664_262454781_n

Hear her album “When You Call Me Baby” Here (Soundcloud!)

Catch her on Facebook!

Early last summer, I injured my back. I’ve done it so many times before, but this time was different. It got steadily worse until I could no longer walk. Rehabilitation has been difficult. I still can’t do much and I’m in constant pain. However, a miracle has come out of all this! I started messin around with the iPhone my brother Jim gave me for Christmas. I went on Utube, and the first video I watched was Barry showing how to play ” Somebody that I used to Know”. I thought; “That song sounds familiar”! So I looked up the song, watched the video & immediately searched for everything Gotye did! Needless to say, I was busy for about a week!! I had been very depressed about my injury-because as a musician, I was looking forward to putting a band together to start playing again. It’s been a few years, but I felt ready to get out there to support my new album. Anyway, reading how Wally (Gotye) did all his promotion, CDs & business independently, I was inspired. I had been talking about putting my CD online for 2 years. I already recorded the CD, did the layout, & had a bunch printed up. I was basically giving them away as gifts. After being blown away by Wally’s music, my depression lifted! I then put my CD online.  It ended up on numerous web radio stations & sites. I also found the group, ” The Wall-Nuts” in my research, and I was blessed to be invited to join.  I have met the most wonderful, lovely, caring people and they support me so much in my music! Wally influenced me to finally take the step to become an independent artist! So while I still have pain, I hardly notice it when such wonderful things are happening around me! I have seen Wally help so many people, and thru the Wall-nuts I’ve seen most of Wally’s shows on my little iPhone! Wally + Wallnuts =  happiness!”


Jodie Leanne (aka ‘Lady PSY’)-covering Gotye and other pop acts with major style!

Watch her Gotye covers (amongst others) here!

Lady Psy is a veteran nut and a class act

Lady Psy is a veteran nut and a class act

“Not so much a ‘musician’ or anything really…. just a girl who enjoys cosplaying, her keyboard, and singing for fun. I’ll tell you a short story of how I came to connect  with Wally De Backer’s music so much. I happened to be travelling home on the bus after a really long and terrible day at work, around mid-January 2012, the time that Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ was top of the UK chart. I didn’t listen to the radio often through my earphones…but that day was different. You see, I had to often change the frequency on my mobile phone’s radio because of the area I live and coverage was difficult. I found myself, instead of changing from radio to my playlist half-way through the journey, I kept the chart on…even though hearing it was hard. I was DETERMINED to hear that ‘strange’ melodic tune that was STIUTK before I had to get off the bus…
At this time, I was going through a rough time, due to the grief of pet-loss, and Wally’s music has had the most miraculous effect on my way of being and thinking. But that’s another story…
…Wondering where ‘Lady PSY’ came from? It’s just a name I’ve been dubbed due to my love of Korean pop music as well as Gotye. Now, instead of attending conventions dressed as PSY, I sit in my room with my keyboard, bowtie and all, singing for Youtube…and my friend….hehe. If you want to know more. I’m on Facebook and Deviantart too!” (Jodie is a talented graphic animator too!)


542701_436421589762181_338350193_nDavid Baughman (GRAFX)inspired by sampling and a friendly Gotye 

Check out how he and Wally made initial contact-funny little story!

Hear his masterful use of samples and more on Soundcloud

Find him on Facebook

More to come!!


6 thoughts on “Gotye Inspiring the Next “Somebody”

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  2. Amy, I’m so pleased to read your story here, to hear how you’ve been inspired not only by Wally but by the Nuts. The collaborative, open, and fluid channel of discourse among various individuals with similar interests is central to The Wall-Nuts’ philosophy and, certainly, we find music and art to play no small part in the way in which we are challenged to reconsider ourselves and our abilities, talents, and possibilities.

    Best wishes!

  3. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing all of yourself with us. I enjoy knowing you as a wallnut and as a muso. Music is medicine. Music heals.

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