Awesome “Nutmins”

Our admin team makes up just 8 of our many members and “fremds,” but they were some of the original Nuts! Meet Denise, Verena, Cris (co-founder), Cyndi, Paige (founder), Lisa, Francesca and Danae!

Paige is a mental health therapist specializing in women’s and multicultural issues. Cris is a talented writer and PhD teaching literature, Cyndi is our Nut-house comedian, one of our finest researchers and a magnificent Mum! Danae is a trained chef and our in-house culinarian! Denise specializes in administration and training, Verena is an attorney in Germany, Lisa is a registered nurse and nut research extraordinaire, Francesca is a customer service leader. If you wish to make a complain…she can handle it, she’s well prepared to handle it 😉

Thanks for the thumbs-up Wally

Thanks for the thumbs-up Wally

Cheers to these gals and all our followers, fellow fans, nuts and nutettes!




2 thoughts on “Awesome “Nutmins”

  1. they are all very nice! all will play very well in their work and worry always send us information by Gotye! Thanks to all of you! you are the mum of many Nuts are here!<3

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