Happy Birthday Wally!!

Cheers to our favorite goofy muso. Join us on le tweets for a stream of silly b-day greetings live! Happy 35 Wally!

care of our nuthouse photopro @favfra

care of our nuthouse photopro @favfra

And check out/grab-up the fresh Basics album “The Age of Entitlement!”


Wally Gets Wild with j.views

Wally has been a busy bee collaborating with Jonathan Dagan, the talented Brooklyn-based musician, producer and visual artist known by his stage name j.viewz. This is a match made in muso-heaven, with the integration of nostalgic instruments and gadgets, a shared pastime with Wally!

Check out the goodies from their work:

Website link

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Wally, WomAdelaide & More

Wally graced the stages of WomAdelaide recently and reconnected with indigenous musician friends and collaborators, check out some awesome pics here and here!

Wally is off with Zammuto and the team in the states, with a special gig at Mass MoCA on 21 March! We’re glad to have you back stateside guys! It’s been a while!

We’ll be back on the Gotye beat soon nuts!

Wandering Wally

The news broke yesterday at the ‘last Basics gig for a long while’ that our favorite guy will be heading across the seas to NYC to focus on the next stage of the Gotye project! It was a somewhat somber night for AUS fans and his Basics brothers, and we’re excited for Wally to take some time to focus on what’s next for his brilliant career!

Check out this lovely vid of Wally performing Bronte from his 2011 hit album Making Mirrors last night at the Basics gig!

Via Barry Takes Photos (@PhotosBarry)

Via Barry Takes Photos (@PhotosBarry)

There’s always news with us on Twitter! See ya soon Nuts!

Gotye Connects with Musical History

Wally’s been a busy guy! Here’s a glimpse at his involvement with the Baywara film, a story of five years with one of Australia’s (and the world’s) musical innovators, and a model of indigenous craftsmanship and creativity! 

Thanks to Paul Daley for these amazing images of Gotye connecting with the energy!

Aaaaannnd have you heard the rumblings of a new album in early 2015?! Catch updates on that & more on Twitter!  

Until next time……Let’s check back-in on those pesky Basics boys mixing that much-awaited upcoming album…..

C. @the3basics

C. @the3basics

uh…….right then…until next time nuts!

Amazing Fans!

Wally continues to prove that talent begets talent as more Gotye fan friends come forth and share their work! Check out our permanent <—–home menu sections (Talented Nuts & Inspiring the Next Somebody) regularly as new work will be added! Our most recently noted pieces from just the last couple days have been by Nicolien and Nadia:

Nicolien (Cataclysm X) is a skilled sketch-artist who brings faces to amazing life! She shared her beautiful Gotye DaVinci-style sketch with us and joined us as one of our “Talented Nuts!” Visit the page for more!

A beautiful work in progress. C. N. Beerens/Cataclysm X

A beautiful work in progress. C. N. Beerens/Cataclysm X

Fellow fan Nadia shared with us this lovely little montage vid with truly some of the best and most comedic Gotye moments of  recent recollection:

Nutty cheers to them both!

If you’re a Gotye nut and inspired by his music or career to create your own artistic response, we’d love to share in your work! If you’re a musician or visual artist there’s spaces in the “nuthouse” made just for you! We’d love to welcome you! Email us at thewallnuts@hotmail.com or tweet us!

Cheerio for now nuts!

(Nicolien’s work is also now highlighted on our Talented Nuts page! )