Basics Answer Our Prayers

Wally and his Basic Brothers have dropped a lovely, pensive new vid for their single A Coward’s Prayer, from the brilliant The Age of Entitlement. Sit back, pour a cup of something moody and delicious and groove on to this smooth track…

News for the stateside Basics nuts is nigh! Stay tuned, we’ll have breaking Basics updates as they come!

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Basic Beat

Our favorite boy has been busy stateside tooling around and testing noisy toys! Here’s some highlights from his recent….uh…..musical misadventures?!

Via Mike Dawes

Via Mike Dawes

There’s soon to be a bunch of Basics all about Oz and beyond! Watch out for tour dates and snag a show or three!

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Nuts for The Age of Entitlement

Them Basics Boys are back again with news for their soon-to-drop album “The Age of Entitlement.” Many personal stories abound as the boys reconvene, if it’s anything like their 2009 master-work “Keep Your Friends Close” we will be adding TAOI to our collective top-10 lists!

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Via Cybele Malinowski (@cymbism)

Via Cybele Malinowski (@cymbism)

Wally Works Overtime!

Still aboard his Basics ship and wowing crowds across Aus, Wally’s been an active guy amidst schemes and plans for his next Gotye project. There’s rumblings of intensifying his focus and traveling to dedicate his muse to that much-anticipated next album.

If you’re loving the pics of the “Wall-rus” jamming with the Basics, stay tuned with us on the Tweets for daily, fresh treats!

Gotye Connects with Musical History

Wally’s been a busy guy! Here’s a glimpse at his involvement with the Baywara film, a story of five years with one of Australia’s (and the world’s) musical innovators, and a model of indigenous craftsmanship and creativity! 

Thanks to Paul Daley for these amazing images of Gotye connecting with the energy!

Aaaaannnd have you heard the rumblings of a new album in early 2015?! Catch updates on that & more on Twitter!  

Until next time……Let’s check back-in on those pesky Basics boys mixing that much-awaited upcoming album…..

C. @the3basics

C. @the3basics

uh…….right then…until next time nuts!

Back to Basics!

Recently news dropped that Gotye will return to his roots as Wally Basic alongside Basic brothers Tim heath and Kris Schroeder! Check out the chatter in anticipation of a brief but brilliant AUS tour set for the Basic Boys!

Basics join the Caloundra Fest Setlist in Oct.

Gotye “reactivates” The Basics

Looking forward to going back to Basics


If you’re new to The Basics check out this amazing full concert video!

And take a walk down Basic memory lane with our first Gotye collaborator interview with Kris Basic last year!

We’ll be cheering for the great new and telling you more about out June Gotye Goodie Giveaway (A vintage Gotye & Basics prize pack) this #BacktoBasicsSunday, so stay tuned to the tweets this weekend! We’ll also have a Basics giveaway in September to celebrate their return! Hooroo!

The coveted Gotye/Basics prize pack that could be yours!

The coveted Gotye/Basics prize pack that could be yours!