What a Nutty Year!

We’re all reflecting on this soon-to-be ending year, and excited for 2014! From gatherings to Basics comebacks, collaborations and more, it was a pretty solid year for both Wally and his wall-nuts!

Let’s look back on the most recent news….

Spender and Wally hit home with their collab track

The Basics continue to play festival shows during the Wal-idays

Credit: Alain Bouvier (hetakesphotos.com)

Credit: Alain Bouvier (hetakesphotos.com)


And we look forward to a fresh Gotye Goodie Giveaway for the new year, a signed Gotye album Mixed Blood! Catch details here and on twitter!

Our January startup-a new Gotye goodie to give to one of you!

Our January startup-a new Gotye goodie to give to one of you!

Have a fab end to your Wal-idays and we’ll see you back here in 2014!


More Interviews on the Horizon

Hiya Gotye nuts!

If you’re a fan of Gotye music, you must have brilliant taste in music overall! Recently some fab collabs with Gotye have come around including the lovely Hotel Home by Spender and the brain-sounds of Jake Rush’s Louis Spoils project.

We’re happy to say that we’ll be doing more Gotye collaborator interviews with both of these talented fellows! Check out some of the work they’ve been doing and the tunes we’ll learn more about soon!


In the studio with the Louis Spoils gang

Tommy Spender

Tommy Spender