Basics Answer Our Prayers

Wally and his Basic Brothers have dropped a lovely, pensive new vid for their single A Coward’s Prayer, from the brilliant The Age of Entitlement. Sit back, pour a cup of something moody and delicious and groove on to this smooth track…

News for the stateside Basics nuts is nigh! Stay tuned, we’ll have breaking Basics updates as they come!

X The Nuts


Basic Beat

Our favorite boy has been busy stateside tooling around and testing noisy toys! Here’s some highlights from his recent….uh…..musical misadventures?!

Via Mike Dawes

Via Mike Dawes

There’s soon to be a bunch of Basics all about Oz and beyond! Watch out for tour dates and snag a show or three!

Catch us as always on Tweets and Instas!

X The Nuts

Wally, WomAdelaide & More

Wally graced the stages of WomAdelaide recently and reconnected with indigenous musician friends and collaborators, check out some awesome pics here and here!

Wally is off with Zammuto and the team in the states, with a special gig at Mass MoCA on 21 March! We’re glad to have you back stateside guys! It’s been a while!

We’ll be back on the Gotye beat soon nuts!

March Madness in the Nuthouse

In spirit of a nearing season change and some (semi) quiet for Wally and co., we’re rocking the nuthouse with March Madness! Check out some of the first bracket categories, with nuts voting their faves. The leaders for the month will be the Gotye champs!

Thanks to everyone (including The Basics) getting involved in #BacktoBasicsSunday! It’s a good day for Leftovers!  Just look at all of ’em:

We’ll be back again soon! For now, how about we dress-down for a nice Wally-workout! BEU-9z2CMAA-W77.jpg-large

They're to classy for their shirts. C.

They’re to classy for their shirts. C.