The Nut House Dictionary

The following is a continually expanding collection of terminology that the Wall-nuts have created to express their…well…nutiness.

C. Stark Raving Productions

Sec. I: Nut Lexicon

Terms created or used commonly by members

1. Walleh (wall-eh)

Alternative spelling of the often interpreted shorthand for the birth-given Flemish name Wouter. Other common “nick-names” include Waldo, Lurch, Wal, and Gotcha.

2. Fremd (frem-d)

Alternative for “friend” as derived from the flappy-lipped pronunciation in the video/song “Somebody That I Used to Know;” ‘Well you said that we would still be fremds…’

3. Adorkable (ah-dor-kah-bul)

Specially created original Wall-nut term to encompass the simultaneous cute, winsome and dorky or nerdy persona of Mr. Walleh De Backer

4. Papasito (pa-pah-sito)

Coined by the Colombian nuts, a Latin-American term referring to a sexually alluring male. Example: while at a concert,several of the nuts will be heard shouting “papasito!” in the direction of the stage.

He's right there. C. FB/Clare Bowditch (public view)

He’s right there. C. FB/Clare Bowditch (public view)

5. Wall-nut (Wahl-nutt)

Descriptor of members of the expanding international all-things-Walleh fan club. ‘Nut’ here referring to a significant affinity for the musical and personal stylings of Wouter De Backer and his immediate colleagues incl. Shiel, Taranto, Schroeder, Heath and others. Founded by Paige on the Feminist-Multicultural model of collaborative sharing of power and privilege. Not to be mistaken for a highly nutritious food group.

6. Wallffles the irascible kookaburra (seriously….)

The official mascot of the Wall-nuts. An intransigent native avian species of the Australian outback. Moonlights as the mysterious “Gotye Mailman.”

7. Goof-Wally (gewf-Walleh)

nut-coined terminology, synonym for “goof ball.” may be used as noun, adjective or verb to describe object, state or action of being goofy as is specific to the Walleh De Backer modus operandi.

C. Flickr/edited albeit poorly by Paige

8. Presh

shorthand for precious…cause Walleh is just so presh

9. Cray Cray (cr-ay cr-ay)

Nut and Schroeder lexicon for crazy or nutty

10. “Wout” (woot)

Walleh Flemish name derived alternate to the standard expression of celebration “woot.”

11. Gexy/Sedorktive/Dirty Nerdy

Nut ‘Night Shif’t terminology referring to someone who is alluringly geeky or seductively nerdy.

12. Nerdtastic

term for Walleh’s lovely and overall nerd mentality

Sec. II: Walleh Lexicon

C. Alexa Meade

Terms originally noted as used by Walleh, now often coined by Wall-nuts as well

1. Hooroo (hoo-rew)

Celebratory term, similar to ‘hooray’ ‘hoorah’ and similar hyperbolic statements of joy.

2. Brillo (Bril-oh)

shorthand for brilliant, clever, fun or otherwise cagey acts, objects or statements.

3. Cheerio (Cher-eyo)

derived from the oft used term “cheers” by Aussie, UK and other king’s English influenced languages. statement of greeting. Not to be confused with a popular breakfast cereal.

4. Gud (guu-d)

Common De Backer pronunciation of the word “good”, resulting from the effects of a significantly thick Australian accent

5. Nerdy Two-Shoes

Walleh lingo for someone who is proud to be a righteously indignant and/or lovably fixated geek.

6. Neurotic Exotica

Walleh categorization for his Gotye musical stylings

7. Spesh

used by perhaps a more notable lazy Walleh in lieu of the formal “special”

8. Melodranceability

Used to describe Wally’s musical genre. ‘Nuff said.

9. Moog-tastic

in reference to music that is rich with the aural quirks of the Moog synthesizer.

Sec. III: Type-based expressions of emotion (emoticons)

to be used in the Wall-nut language in order to convey emotional states, jest, affection, etc.

1. :}

the standard smiling or happy Walleh. May be used to express approval, pleasure or any general positive sentiment.

2. ;}

cheeky Walleh, to be used to highlight joking, cageyness or other comments to which some positive yet indirect affect should be added.

3. :{

Sad Walleh, to be used to express unpleasant sensations or disappointment.

left image: Edit by Paige

left image: Edit by Paige


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