The Nuts in ‘Social’ Action

Still from Gotye docos at, Youtube and Vimeo


some of the donations for our winter 2012 social action project, care of nut Lisa

The Wall-nuts have several projects completed or in progress. As the 2012 world tour commenced, we wrapped our first Social Action Project in which members shared stories of how Wally’s music has touched them or a loved one in a profound way. Some amazing things were discovered, including how the music has healed wounds and inspired hope through life-changing circumstances! Giving a voice to the fans was our abiding goal, and it produced some amazing connections!

We completed our second Social Action Project: the Toasty Nuts warm clothing donations in December 2012! Check out a glimpse of the givinanlovin’ care of ‘nutmin’ (admin) Lisa! —>

~We also wrapped another creative project; the Wall-Nuts tee shirt contest, where members were invited to create an original image to be re-produced on a shirt and offered to the nut community. Final submissions were voted on by all, and the elected image was posted here and nuts have received their tees care of nut craftswoman Lorraine!

~Catch our original #BacktoBasicsSunday (c.) on Twitter, where the nuts dedicate a day to Kris, Tim and Wally Basic!  (The Basics join in on the fun from time-to-time so don’t miss out on their contributions!)

you never know what little birdies chatter on #BacktoBasicsSunday

~Our original blog is now a space for deconstructing and considering the music, the maker and the world and role of the fan identity. It is authored by our founder, a training Feminist Multicultural therapist, and our members join in to share their thoughts.  With over 100 posts, it’s a great place for some much needed ‘time out’ to examine what it means to be ‘into’ the music and to share voices. Read some of the Best of the Blog  here, here, here and here!

~We work to engage in collaborations/equitable sharing initiatives with other fans for tour-related connections. Catch one of these projects on the all-fan collaborative Gotye FB page “Learnalilpostalot”

C. Tom Kopecek

Upcoming Projects:

~New Music Monday (c.) where nuts members and followers will post new or minimally discovered/indie music, including from Wally and his collaborators/cohorts

~‘nut gatherings’ where members meet by region and interact ‘off the grid,’ including at upcoming tour venues

UPDATES: For the end of the US 2012 tour leg, a Mini Nut US-gathering was held in Dallas on 12 October after the Gotye show, including “Mum Nut” founder Paige, Wally, his lovely GF Tash and fellow fans/Wall-Nuts!

In November 2012, the Colombian nuts gathered and shared toasts and artwork! Go Colombia! –The Polish nuts gathered together after their Warsaw show and met Wally and his band! Check out images all around   this website!

~Here are some images of goodies from nuts members who attended shows, have started projects or other works related to Wally’s music. These are original creations, pics or items (occasionally made from open source images.)
*note that these are original photos or compositions (based on web-sourced images or works), please contact us for permission before reproducing or reusing in any manner. Individual producers of each item have not been named specifically to respect their privacy.


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