The Wall-Nuts Interview with Jake Rush (Louis Spoils)

Melbourne-based musician Jake Rush is the man behind Louis Spoils. He recently chatted with us about his new EP, upcoming projects, and why it pays to be kind to local musicians. Find him on bandcamp and Twitter as well!

Jake Rush (Louis Spoils) got nutty with us!

Jake Rush (Louis Spoils) got nutty with us! C. Jake Rush

Wally was caught collabing on the new Louis Spoils EP that dropped 2 August, and Jake will be the supporting act for the Basics during some of their upcoming September shows!


So you are taking your act on the road. Are you planning on just playing local shows, or is more extensive touring on the horizon? Any chance of coming to the states?

 Well I am currently putting together a live band, as this was originally a studio project.   Would love to eventually get some international touring under my belt.  I have upcoming shows supporting Wally’s other band The Basics and national touring later in the year.

 With only 5 songs on the EP, what other songs will you play in your show? Who are the other musicians in your live show?

 I was writing a lot of other material during the recording of this EP, so there are a few songs in the works.  I am currently figuring out the availability of musos for Louis Spoils live show.  There are some very exciting people on board already.

 Where did the name ‘Louis Spoils’ come from? Why not use your own name?

 I use my name ‘Jake Rush’ for a solo acoustic project that I will be releasing at the end of the year.

My middle name is Louis, and I once spoiled an elderly ladies birthday party at my disability care job.  Louis Spoils had a nice ring to it, and a pretty silly story.

 What other bands/projects have you been involved in?

 Only one other group really, ‘Jake Rush and the Bad Habits’, a whole lotta nonsense.

 Do you play any instruments other than drums?

 I grew up playing the drums and in high school became obsessed with bass playing and started singing and playing guitar after school.  I dabble in a few instruments, but not particularly strong in any.

Jake jams on the drumkit. C. Jake Rush (original image-please do not copy without permission)

Jake jams on the drumkit. C. Jake Rush (original image-please do not copy without permission)

 At this point, is this a full time career or do you currently have another job?

 I teach a multimedia class one day a week for people with intellectual disabilities and I am currently setting up a studio to pursue music full time this year.

 You obviously come from a very musical family. Did your dad give any input into the album?

 No input directly, but he definitely surrounded me with amazing music growing up, and always encouraged my brother and I to create music. He is a great songwriter. I take a lot of inspiration from him (Carl Rush).

 You were so well established in Brisbane, what was the reason for the move to Melbourne?

 Brisbane is a teeny little town. Melbourne has so much more going on.  I needed a fresh start in a bigger pond.

 What was your biggest challenge in completing the EP? You mentioned in your bio that it took a lot of “verbal abuse” to get the album finished. What was the final straw that prompted you to complete it?

 I have pretty huge anxiety about releasing and performing music, as it is a permanent record of your material.  Due to my limitations with studio time and mixing, I knew it was never going to sound the way I wanted.  It sat dormant on my computer for a long time, eventually my friends hassled me to release it, and to stop being so precious about it.

 What are some of the challenges you faced in recording in non-conventional settings (tents, garage, etc)?

Drunken hillbillies with guns in Tasmania.  Vocal microphones breaking constantly.  Living on a main road with peak hour traffic.  Being terribly poor.

You are building your own studio. Does this mean more recordings are in the works?

 Yes indeed, I have lots of new songs to record, hoping to release a full album mid next year.  I am really enjoying this new material a lot!

 With so many musicians involved in the project, how did the process work? Did you have a clear vision of what you wanted, or was it more of a jam session with everyone throwing out ideas?

 I had a very clear idea of what I wanted. I experimented with a few ideas with my producer Tom Glaum.  I ended up just asking my friends to help out, and they all kindly did so.  And were very patient with my direction.

C. Jake Rush (original image-please do not copy without permission)

C. Jake Rush (original image-please do not copy without permission)

 Is there a story behind having such well-known musicians involved in the project? Why did you have Wally play percussions when you yourself are a drummer?

 I was in Tasmania doing demos at my father’s house and emailed Wally to ask if he could recommend any studio drummers who had good feel with a click track. He very kindly put his hand up to do it.  I am what you call a sloppy drummer. I can play, but click tracks terrify me.

 When and where did you meet Wally and The Basics?

 I first met Wal and the Basics many years ago on a holiday in Melbourne, when I accidentally stumbled into a Basics gig.  When they came to Brisbane, I offered them a place to sleep, some musical instruments to use, and lifts around town.  After this, I joined them on a few tours and festivals.  I was actually a Gotye fan too, but didn’t realise that Wally was behind the project at all, until I put two and two together, later on.

 If you are video recording your answers, please show us how you described drum fills to Wally?

 Hahaha, a lot of silly helicopter noises with my mouth ‘Dukata Boom Bop Bangngnlandang Bashhhh’ !

A local advert for the Basics show and Jake supporting C. Jake Rush

A local advert for the Basics show and Jake supporting C. Jake Rush

 Is there going to be a video for Sleep At Night? Can you tell us anything about it?

 There is going to be a video indeed by my Cannes film festival nominated Uncle ‘Ben Hackworth’, who will be shooting a clip for Louis Spoils ‘Sleep at night’

 Please tell us the story behind Bugsy Moore.

 I used to work at the Queensland Cerebral Palsy League. I became friends with a man I worked for Called Allan Moore.  We hung out a lot, and even though Alan had very limited speech, we always got along great.  When he passed away, I attended his funeral, people told amazing stories about his life.  These stories were all so inspiring, that I wrote this song, based on his life.

 Who are your musical influences?

 Ohhhh there are far too many…..

Ray Charles

Tom Waits

Joni Mitchell

Led Zeppelin



The Dirty Projectors

My Own Pet Radio

Fiona Apple

Lauryn Hill

Liz Stringer…….. I could really go on and on

 If you could work with anyone, who would it be?

 The guys who produced and mixed Fiona Apple’s ‘Tidal’ and ‘When the Pawn’, those records are my sonic dream.

C. Jake Rush (original image-please do not copy without permission)

C. Jake Rush (original image-please do not copy without permission)

 You’re on a deserted island and your mp3/ipod only has one album on it. What is it?

 Ohhhhh no!

Joni Mitchell – Blue

Lauryn Hill- Miseducation

Tom Waits- Closing Time

I can’t decide…..

 How do you personally define success in the music industry? What is the vision for Louis Spoils?

 I make music purely for selfish reasons. It makes me really happy writing and producing music. I would do it even if I had to pay a tax to do it.   I am not concerned about success, but if it came to a point where I could pay my rent and eat three meals a day, I would be more than content.

 What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to be a professional musician?

 Ha Ha, the advice I have been given and will pass on is  ‘Love what you do and do it every waking hour of the day’. 

Also be kind to local bands (GOTYE), as one day they might rule the world and help you out a lot!


"Lord of the cheese" on the keys. Via the behind the scenes vid

“Lord of the cheese” on the keys. Via the behind the scenes vid


Thanks Jake, for making time to talk with us.  We wish you success on your upcoming projects!


The Wall-Nuts


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  1. I’m still amazed that such a wonderful EP could be made in tents and sheds etc. Wish you much success with your future projects Jake and looking forward for what else you have in store for us. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us.

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