The Wall-Nuts Interview with Jonti


Jonti joined the Gotye live tour as a main supporting act for the entire North American and Europe leg. We came to watch him and his magical gas-can ukelele many, many times, and had a few chats and hugs with this lovely and innovative emerging muso!

Post-tour, we talked with Jonti about his experience traveling across the globe and sharing his art with countless ears.

find out more about Jonti on Facebook, Twitter and his record label!


What was the best part of doing a world tour with Gotye?-Christine

I can’t pick one thing. Seeing the world, being able to perform for so many people in many different countries, seeing Gotye’s show 50 times and finally, gaining the confidence to perform!

What’s one thing we would be surprised to know about Wally? (special talent/weird habits, etc.)-Alicia

Wally’s basketball skills for sure.

Can you tell us a hilarious experience when you were on tour with Wally and the folks?-Gabriela

Too many to pinpoint, or personal jokes that wouldn’t be very funny said here.

What age did you discover your love for music?-Lisa

 I was very quiet and chubby kid. Kind of a mute, but I loved art and drawing more than anything. I was 12 when i really got into music thanks to my brother.

Aside from music, do you have any other creative outlets that you’d like to pursue further?

What has been your most satisfying moment for you, personally and as a musician?-Cris

Just painting. I just got into it again and it feels great! And dancing….Someones really got me into that recently.

Personally, its the quality time i’ve spent with the people around me, even moments like going record shopping with Wally and him buying me a record he loves. Musically, its ranges from dreaming and believing of some far reached musical idea within me and seeing it being created, to moments shared with audiences like seeing them clap or dance along in unison.


Jonti makes retro chic

Besides Wally, who would you like to collaborate with?-Lisa

Kermit The Frog. I wanna get him back to his rainbow connection glory years sound.

Has the tour changed how you approach making/performing your music?-Lorraine

Most definitely, performing for many people (instead of just my dog) gave me a new appreciation of parts of the music I would of never understood before!

How did you come up with the idea of using feedback as a musical instrument?-Cynthia

There’s been a lot of artist’s who have explored that idea before, but i love instruments that aren’t traditionally playable like a keyboard or guitar, like it could be buttons or a ribbon or air!

Have you discovered some new, favorite foods/beverages on this tour?-Cristine

Vegetables and Fruit. because I never got to have any of those! Actually that’s a lie, in Europe i come home with a big tummy full of all traditional goodies I’ve never had before.

You mentioned being in a new place and trying to fit in is a constant theme in your life, how do you handle/deal with that?-Juliette

Knowing that that feeling is universal helps. It’s something we all go through whether its a new job, new school, new city to live in…Where all in the same boat.

Jonti muses tech style

Jonti muses tech style

What do you feel you need to accomplish in order to be a success – a hit record, headlining a tour, producing other artists?-Lorraine

So far my main successes have come from believing in the far fetched dreams inside of me. In addition, every time i try to follow the text book i come out with pretty vanilla results. So dreaming big and working with other people is my focus at the moment.

When do you come back in my area (France)?-Vero

As soon as humanly possible.

What’s the first thing you did when you got home from the tour?-Lisa

Did another little tour in Australia, went to Moscow Russia for a show, then finally had a little break in which I’m just chilling with friends, painting(!), going to the beach, hiking and trying to get Kermit The Frog to answer my calls!

~We’ll happily give a highly positive recommendation to Kermit if he asks, Jonti! Thanks! ~


6 thoughts on “The Wall-Nuts Interview with Jonti

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  2. Thanks, Jonti, for your time and willingness to answer our questions–we truly feel honored every time we are given a “sneak peek” into the minds and (at times) hearts of other artists we admire. It’s a pleasure to be a “Wall-Nut.” Thanks again!

  3. Thanks, Jonti! I really enjoyed watching you play in New Orleans. The gas can guitar was my favorite! It was easy to see how much you love to make interesting music. Best wishes to you in whatever dreams you persue. Lisa

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