The Wall-Nuts interview with Kris Schroeder (The Basics)

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C. K. Petersen


Q: How did you arrive at the name The Basics?”Alicia

K: Hi Alicia, thanks for your question. A long, long time ago – I can still remember – when that music used to make me smile… hold on that’s a different song. Actually The Basics was a bit of a place-holder for what was to be a “better name”, because let’s be honest, it’s hardly the world’s best name for anything. But at the time it was just Wally and I in the ‘band’, him on a stripped-back drumkit and me on acoustic guitar and it was, well… Basic. So we were The Basics. I actually think I remember the name coming to me while in the shower. Actually I think a lot of things come to me in the shower…


Q: Any future plans for a US tour?-Denise

K: Plans? No, sorry Denise, there are no future plans. Of course – and I only speak for myself – I would love to do a tour of the US, even just once, but the reality of that is up to three things: 1. Money, 2. Tim and 3. Wally.


Q: What’s the story with Michael (mentioned at a show)-Anne

K: Michael Hubbard was actually our first guitarist, though it was essentially a temporary arrangement from the start. We did a gig together some times back where he was playing solo and Walt and I were doing our schtick and we just got to talking and it clicked. Michael always had plans to do more solo stuff however and when the commitment got too much we went our separate ways, though he’s recently been playing with us/me again on a couple of things!

Q: The tone and some of the information surroundingKeep Your Friends Close hint at profound struggles during that time?-Can you say more about what was going on for the band during the production of the album?-Paige

K: I think the vibe around the songs has less to do with ‘production time’ as it was to when/how the songs were written. We’re all guys that wear our hearts on our sleeves, and the music certainly betrays the same. I don’t want to speak for Wally and Tim so I’ll just say that there were significant relationships that were being strained at the time – both with each other and externally – that contributed to the feel of the album. It’s all very personal needless to say.

Q: What is the best part about working together? What are some of the challenges? –Francesca

K: Best part is the sense of humour we all share, it makes all of the things we do so much fun, not to mention the wonderful friendship/mateship that we share. Worst part is probably trying to navigate the different approaches to working – we all have very different priorities of how much time should be spent on what, and being patient with each other can sometimes be a challenge!


Q: Kris-What’s the problem with Portugal? (We have a few members who were just too curious)-Cris

K: Haha, no problem, it was just a silly status update that popped into my head following the Spain-Portugal match. Which is kinda cool because I learnt a lot about Portugal after tha!


Q: There’s some significant conjecture that a certain amount of libations may have been involved in the clip for “Get Me Down.” Can you deny or confirm this? –Everyone

K: We’ve laughed about all these suggestions, because ironically the filming of this was probably one of the most sober times we’ve had! There might have been a couple of beers but nothing more significant… we’re just cray cray I guess 😉


Q: What inspired the naked tandem bicycle in “With This Ship?”Cynthia

K: Apologies Cynthia, but that is a question you’ll have to ask Matt who made the video! Maybe a Goodies reference… “Goodie, Goodie, yum, yum…”


Q: Our ‘Creole Mama’ wants to know what your favorite dishes might happen to be-Vero

K: Well I can’t speak for Walt and Tim, but being that I’m now living in Kenya I’ve become quite enamoured (read: used to) sukuma, rice, ugali, chappati, githeri and beans! Also, I’ve opened the first pizza restaurant where I am stationed in Machakos Town (entirely run and owned by Kenya Red Cross), so that’s also been a favourite with me and all these Kenyans who have never even heard of pizza!!


Thanks, Kris! You’re lovely!


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